Hosting Solutions

What to Expect

We’ll work with you to assess your current IT infrastructure and business needs before we develop a design plan and strategy. Then, we’ll seamlessly implement a virtual environment for your business. Our team supports all your IT needs, and you stay focused on your business goals. Everybody wins.

How It Works

With our virtualization services, we can create a virtual (or simulated) scenario for your computer operating systems, network resources, servers, and storage devices. This saves you the cost of expensive on-premise solutions.

For example, we can partition a single physical computer’s memory into several separate and isolated “virtual machines” running multiple copies of the same or different operating systems. At the same time, we can aggregate bandwidth from multiple network devices into a single, manageable stream. We can also use virtual storage to extend a computer’s memory to a disk. Each virtual machine is designed to rely on a single hosted server that provides data storage, operating systems, and shared software.

In this virtual environment, you get maximum use at a minimal cost.

Why Core IT

It’s simple. Your business benefits from simple application and resource management. We can efficiently maintain your virtual machines, and you get the flexibility to increase or reduce staff and resources as your company changes or grows. Your virtual machines can be moved between servers and your business-critical software can be seamlessly deployed with no downtime.

Contact us today to discuss your IT virtualization needs.