Converged Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery

There is no such thing as data or information recession! Data keeps growing in every economic climate regardless of budgets. Companies are trying to protect and store all documents, data, images, emails and other content online or easily accessible for years. To meet this emerging challenge for a diversified client community, Core IT has partnered with three premier manufacturers of storage appliances: Cybernetics Inc, Nexsan, and Nimble Storage.

Core IT offers Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN). NAS is a network file server and contains one of more hard drives arranged in logical, redundant storage containers or RAID arrays. This differs from a SAN which appears to servers and operating systems as a visible, locally attached disk, with volume management utilities (e.g. file system software).

Servers can boot from the SAN itself, simplifying replacement of faulty servers. SANs excel at provisioning data transactions that require high block-level access to hard drives like email servers, databases, and high usage file servers plus enable more effective disaster recovery processes with features like I/O caching, snapshotting and volume cloning.

Let our Professional Services team analyze your requirements to determine which storage appliance is best suited for you company and Core IT will assist implementing a coverged storage solution for primary, backup and disaster recovery using best of breed technology:

• Flash accelerated, iSCSI, instant backups and restores
• Improve recovery point objectives and reduce recovery times
• Simplify management, optimize application performance
• Position for efficient disaster recovery failover and failback