Peace of Mind

Data Storage, Backup, and Recovery

At Core IT, data is currency—and we understand the importance of maintaining data security at all time. We provide cloud based secure data management including data storage, backups, and recovery. Your data is secured, automatically archived, and quickly recovered in case of an unexpected disaster. You get to skip the costly on premise equipment, upgrades, and in house maintenance, and get the same peace of mind with a pay per use plan.

How It Works

Data Storage.

We offer a number of cloud-based data storage plans to accommodate the specific performance, price, and scale your business requires. Our state of the art data centers have the space and uptime to meet your needs for every type of data including text, rich media, database,and more.

Data Backup.

Our perpetual data backup solution provides data continuity, flexibility, security, and portability in case of the need for emergency data retrieval. Our reliable cloud backup plans include encryption, compression and duplication management. With Core IT, your backup data is available and retrievable anytime, anywhere.

Data Recovery.

Don’t take unnecessary risks—leave your data recovery in the hands of experts.With Core IT data recovery services, your server and workstation data backups are accurately and seamlessly restored to ensure business continuity. Our data recovery plan includes real time monitoring, backup power, and protection in the case of the unexpected.

What To Expect

Core IT cloud based data storage, backup, and recovery plans start with consulting services to assess your current data needs before we develop a custom strategy and move forward with a seamless implementation. We handle the complex IT deployment, and you get to stay focused on your business.

Why Core IT

With Core IT, your data is our business. With perpetual automated updates, we ensure that your data is accurate, accessible, easily moved, secure, and well preserved. With our superior products, knowledge, and infrastructure, your data is always in good hands.

Contact a Core IT consultant today to discuss your data storage, backup, and recovery needs.