Does your organization need to backup emails that live in the cloud?

The short answer is YES — Microsoft does not backup or take responsibility for your data! If you dig into the details of the Microsoft Services Agreement found on the Microsoft website, you will find the following statement:
“…Microsoft is not liable for any disruption or loss you may suffer as a result [of an outage]. In the event of an outage, you might not be able to retrieve to your data. We recommend that you regularly backup your data….using third-party apps and services.” – Section 6 of the Microsoft Services Agreement (
Microsoft Office 365 offers redundancy of mail servers by providing access to data stored in multiple locations, but it does not explicitly backup your data for disaster recovery purposes. In fact, as mentioned above, then Microsoft Service Agreement states that Microsoft has no responsibility to provide backup data to recover from in case of an issue.
To ensure you’re never left caught out without access to your email and data stored in Office 365, a backup of your organization’s email data is highly recommended. 
Core IT offers Office 365 email backup services that allows you access backups of your emails and data, regardless of what is happening with Microsoft, their servers, or in the ever-changing political climate. Emails are backed up every 4 hours with up to 7 years of storage retention, on servers hosted in Canada.
It’s important for your business to always be able to access your data, especially in a crisis situation. Is your organization at risk?
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