The services you get with Core IT.

As you add equipment and technology to your computer network, the growing complexity can make it hard to keep track of the network, assets, and application dependencies. Here’s where Core IT can help:

Network Assessment & Documentation

We can uncover every last node, performance metric, and asset. These findings are then documented to paint a thorough picture of the current state of your organization’s network.

Engineering and Design

We’ll then design a network architecture for you that not only is secure and scalable, but also takes advantage of your existing assets to deploy business solutions more quickly and efficiently. With Core IT, you can be sure that implementation time, cost, risk, and effort are all reduced.
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Network Architecture and Design

Now it’s time to create the roadmap that we’ll use to build new networks or re-design existing ones. Core IT’s professional services consultants have extensive experience working with networks of all sizes. We can collaborate with your internal engineering and operations staff, or provide a completely outsourced solution—here are a few of the steps we’ll go through with you:

  • Recommending industry best practices
  • Discussing the latest solutions and technologies
  • Reviewing hardware, software, and security capabilities and identifying applicable features or deficiencies in your network environment