In December, LifeLabs was hacked and sensitive medical information was stolen.

The latest in a string of headlines regarding internet security has seen the sensitive medical information of millions of Canadians fall into the wrong hands. As LifeLabs scrambles to do damage control and identify the cause, we should take this opportunity to consider your organization’s network and data security.

IT Security achieved through several different layers of protection, and it has become clear that LifeLabs missed a critical layer in their security plan: Encryption of highly sensitive data.

Depending on your company’s needs encrypted data may or may not be right or you, but one thing is clear; the layers of security that are in place for your organization need to be assessed to ensure they’re effective and are implemented to an appropriate standard.

Is your critical data encrypted? How long will it take your organization to recover from a ransomware attack? Core IT has solutions to mitigate attacks and protect key resources of your business.

Prevention is key – request an assessment from Core IT and ensure your security is up to standards!

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